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May 2019

Dear Friends,
During a recent visit in the home of Petronila Baten, I watched her: peel a banana, rise from a chair, pick up a rag and wipe the table, grab a broom and sweep a portion of the cement patio floor where we sat. We do these simple acts without thinking twice. But, two weeks ago, Petronila wasn’t able to do any of them. Only twenty-seven years old, Petronila suffers with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis.

March 2019

It is Lent, the season in the liturgical church year when Catholics and other Christian traditions reflect on the gut-wrenching passion of Jesus to his glorious resurrection.

January 2019

The festivities of Christmas and the New Year have quieted, and I ponder now on what word or message will be given to guide me in 2019? And what comes to mind is a little girl named Miriam.

November 2018

In October 1998, Hurricane Mitch plummeted Central America. On the 27th, rain pounded the Ixcán region of Guatemala. That was also the day I moved from Playa Grande to the village of Santiago Ixcán.

August 2018

A few weeks before I left Guatemala for the U.S., six members of our villages’ health post committee came to see me, saying the clinic needs a cement floor for the outdoor waiting area.

June 2018

Sadly, alcohol abuse has increased at an alarming rate in Santiago Ixcán over the past ten years. There are no easy answers.

February 2018

It is the liturgical season of Lent, the forty days before Easter when the Christian faithful focus on the passion and death of Jesus and are invited to look deeper at one’s life and repent

December 2017

I call these women "Las Luchadoras" – The Fighters. They are women abandoned by the fathers of their children who struggle daily to provide for themselves and their children.

October 2017

Fr. Stan modeled a radical surrender to do what he perceived as God's call on his life. He didn’t run even in the face of death.

August 2017

I once heard that the first step in evangelization is hospitality. Ixcán Ministries' mission outreach emerged from opening the door.

April 2017

Justice = The quality of being fair in our relationships with God, others and the earth. The story of Glendy and her family.

February 2017

I’ve heard it said, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” That works if the parents can read and books are available. In most rural areas in Guatemala, the general populous doesn’t have extra money to purchase books.

December 2016

A humble man, a poor simple farmer, came to the blue door of the mission house. “I heard that you help people in need...Could you help me build a house for my family?”

October 2016

The needs seem endless like the sea. I roll up my sleeves and the day’s activities reflect the Corporal Works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Clothe the Naked, Bury the Dead, Shelter the Homeless, Comfort the Sick, Visit the Imprisoned.

August 2016

Recently, when I was explaining what I do as a lay missioner and included “reverse mission” in the list, someone asked me, “What is that?” Good question.

Easter 2016

I am reminded in this season of Easter how resurrection happens, how we can be the instrument of life for one another, how Jesus
acts in us and through us when we do whatever for the least of these, how both giver and receiver are “fed” in very different ways.